TRCS Online SEO Training

TRCS Online SEO Training provides unmatched online SEO Training with a unique opportunity to become a part of our organization. Our of-the-shelf content, hi-end training delivery, contact programs with exposer to emerging technologies and skills, will make you stand out. In addition, we will give a website with free domain and hosting space to every student. Not only that, after successful course completion, you will be provided free membership of our online freelance portal and hence opening a world of incessant opportunity.

What we provide through this course :

1. A static website of five pages for your business purpose (subject will be chosen by you) and which will be used for your live project. (Self Employment through your website designed and developed by us.)
2. Access to our portal from where one may get work or get freelance work.
3. Search job through our SEO resume database
4. Fully Live Project Training through your own website.
5. Complete online seo training for six months.

Course Fee: Rs. 5000

What is SEO ?

SEO, the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization is a powerful technique to get a particular website ranked in search engine in order to draw the user's traffic to the search engines to access the website. In other words, SEO means advertising any website on search engines. The more a website ranks higher on search engines, the more users are drawn towards it and it gradually gives promotion to a business as well as fulfills the needs of visitors as website is not only a source of information but a medium to list the products on internet. The nature of every sort of business is different and for online dependent business, SEO is exactly like an umbrella in the rainy season, in the age of competition SEO is the powerful tool to move ahead in business.

Why SEO is the most Important Tool for Business Promotion ?

With increasing access to web and Internet day by day, website is the means to run a business and search engines are mostly visited websites by people around the globe. SEO is turning out to be a powerful tool as a website is ranked top on search engine, it gives opportunity to a user to explore their needs on first come first serve basis. For example suppose there's a website about a disease, with some links or options for advertising the products related to the particular disease this will attract users surfing for the product hence automatically gives business promotion to the particular product and the advertisement could be a good means for running web based business.

How SEO Provide Ample Opportunity to Lakhs of People to Work from Home?

SEO is not just a procedure but a package in wholesome. It needs simple technical knowledge with an average English background and accessibility to Internet. One of the packages for SEO is content writing where various articles, blogs, press releases, classifieds are to be submitted to the search engines. This provides a very good opportunity for the optimizers to show their talent as most of the SEO firms outsources the SEO job and this could be a huge opportunity for earning from home. As well as for those who have sound knowledge of Internet could just stay at home and do the SEO job like on page SEO or article, directory, press release submission.

What is the Prospect of SEO in Near Future?

SEO has a very good future as the interest of people is shifting from television to Internet, marketing has to go that way too and no doubt the accessibility to search engine is a mandatory part of a user's day to day surfing life. Websites are the best platform for advertisement as well and in near future it is possible that it is the best means to secure position and move ahead in business. As every business house wants to be in top position, SEO is the only means to achieve that target. Thus, SEO not only has a good prospect but it could be one of the best careers in days to come.

What Is The Objective of SEO and How One Can Earn in Lakhs from a Simple Website?

In other words, SEO is the means of indication that a website actually exists in the portal world. There are various links or spaces that actually provide face to a website where advertisements could be placed. As a user visits website, then he'll be lured surf the advertisement. This gives promotion to the products and advertisements charges could be a good source of income. For example in a travel agency website, there are advertisements for hotels as well which gives a very good business promotion for the website owner as well as the hotel owner. And by the means of advertisement, one can earn in lakhs. and the website is needless to be extra-ordinary.